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Your project deserves a professional, high-value production experience. Technical expertise blended with creative flexibility is critical for a smooth video shoot. Our department leaders think on their feet and make the tough calls under the intesne pressure that can be the film set. Take the pressure off and let Downpour Productions shepherd and shoot your project!

Plan your project for success!

Our Production services include:

1. Crewing the project
Every position on a film set requires trained expertise and an expereinced eye. Don't be fooled by the size of your project. The smaller the job, the higher the importance of professional crew because the responsiblities on-set do not shrink. Downpour Productions gives every project the big-league treatment it deserves, no matter the size.

2. Managing the project
During production, time is money. In the rush against the clock to "make our day" and meet our planned expectations, every shoot needs a trained eye and good custodian of the project's resources. Critical decision making and developed foresight is crucial for keeping a project on track. Downpour Productions thrives here. Let us take the pressure off of you.

3. Filming the project
Using industry-standard techniques and equipment, we capture stimulating visual and audio media to form the lifeblood of the project. We wrangle and review the media on-set to ensure we have everything we need to avoid costly reshoots. We fully employ our quality standards during each step of principal photography to ensure a smooth post-production.

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