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Need to write a script? Prepare a budget?
Check if your idea works?
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Proper, professional pre-production is vital to a project's success. Attention to detail and foresight during budgeting, scheduling, and planning a shoot can mean the difference between a smooth production and a costly, nightmarish experience. Let Downpour Productions guide you to success from the start!

Plan your project for success!

Our Pre-Production services include:

1. Concept development

With a fully-written treatment or simply an idea on a cocktail napkin, Downpour Productions is the experienced professional solution to help bring your concept to life. Through our development process together we will:

•Plan your concept as a professional video production
•Find your audience and develop a marketing strategy
•Identify the budgetary needs of the project
•Schedule the Production Phase of the project

2. Script writing
A professionally written, industry-standard screenplay is the core of every narrative project. Even if your project is business or advertising-oriented, professional planning can save any production thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours in later stages. We will:

•Translate your concept or notes into a professional screenplay or plan
•Develop and revise the screenplay in accordance with the project's goals
•Revise existing screenplays
•Provide script coverage service on existing screenplays

3. Preparation and Breakdown
Utilizing your professional script or project plan, we will:

•Categorize elements of your screenplay or project plan to identify all the assets needed for filming
•Schedule your project efficiently to save money and time
•Identify post-production needs to ensure a smooth edit
•Secure all crew and assets for filming the project

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