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Bring your project across the finish line!

After a carefully planned shoot, your project deserves a professional digital edit solution. We can help.

Our Post-Production services include:

1. Editing
The heart of Downpour Productions' editing process is DaVinci Resolve Studio, an advanced non-linear editing system we use to assemble your project. We take any project, from any system or program, and build a video timeline to meet your project's goals. We consult with you along the way and make adjustments to match your creative intent.

2. Sound design
What the audience hears is just as impactful as what they see. We strive to ensure all voices are properly equalized, sound effects are metered correctly, and music is laid in where necessary. This is often the longest stage of post-production, depending on the particular project's needs.

3. Colorizing
Colorist work can make the difference between an amatuer-looking production and a professional video. We use the vision and goals of the project to guide our color decisions to deliver the right mood and experience to the audience.

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