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We grade screenplays!

Our screenplay assesment will provide valuable feedback on key components of your screenplay. Using industry-proven methods, our screenplay coverage service will help you sharpen your script into the strongest possible contender for a production, a contest, or as a writing sample.

How it works
1. Save your script in PDF, Final Draft, Fade In, or Celtx format.
2. Select a button below according to your script's page count and checkout via our secure payment system.
3. After successful checkout, click "Return To Merchant" to upload your script.
4. Within 7 days we will read, review, and score your screenplay and email you a professional assessment in PDF format.

In the coverage report, you will get:

6-8 pages* of detailed feedback on key areas of your script to include:

•A logline and synopsis - see how an audience will understand your film
•2-4 pages* of specific feedback addressing structure, characters, and plot elements
•2 pages of numeric scores to address key areas at-a-glance
•A reader's recommendation of pass/consider/recommend for producing the script

*Page count based on feature film script. Short films will result in shorter coverage report.

See an example report below:

Submitted screenplays must be written in English and no longer than 150 total pages (minus title page).
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By submitting your screenplay, you agree to and understand Downpour Productions makes no offer or promise, actual or implied, to produce, exhibit, distribute, or finance any material submitted, in part or in whole. Downpour Productions offers no compensation, reward, or transaction in return for any material submitted. Any material submitted is for proprietary script coverage service consideration only and does not imply or guarentee any partnership, agreement, or business relationship with Downpour Productions. By engaging in our script coverage service, you claim and agree that all material submitted was entirely and wholly without any comission, agreement, or request by Downpour Productions.

You understand and agree that our use of material containing features and elements similar to or identical with those contained in any material submitted shall not obligate us to negotiate with you nor entitle you to any compensation if we determine that we have an independent legal right to use such other material which is not derived from your material submitted, either because such features and elements were not new or novel, or were not originated by the author of the material, or because other persons have submitted or may submit material containing similar or identical features and elements. By engaging in our script coverage service, you understand that Downpour Productions makes no promises, offers, or claims to produce any material submitted, regardless of score or assigned rating.

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