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My name is Karland Paez. My video production company is Downpour Productions. I’m a filmmaker, writer and entertainer. My first love is directing actors. My mistress is the camera.

Downpour Productions is a full-service video production solution. King 5 news in Seattle, WA has shown my content. I’ve shot for Thomas and the Magic Railroad’s Blu-Ray special features. I’ve written six feature films and many more shorts. As far as writing, I follow the principles of Syd Field for every script I write. I also offer coverage service for enterprising screenwriters. Most of my feedback revolves around Field’s teachings, amongst others. However, I always add my own twist.

This blog serves as an archive for cinema-related essays. DIY filmmakers, enthusiasts, and students of film will find the content useful. Please visit my company’s webpage at to see what we’re up to.

Recently I’ve taken to watching a lot of movies. All serious filmmakers should do so, I say. How can you make good movies if you don’t watch any? Never let the nay-sayers get you down: analyzing movies is work. Understanding why they are effective is an artform in itself. And then replicating this success…well, we will cover that as we go along.

The content on this blog

Occasionally I will write movie reviews, product reviews, and other content. But don’t be surprised if I go down a rabbit hole of filmmaking philosophy. Critical thought helps your film more than most realize. Philosophical thought can make it a winner. Combining mental exercise with technical expertise makes you a good project leader. Repeatability makes you a professional filmmaker.

What are some of your favorite films? Have you asked why? Go and watch one of them, right now, and try your hardest to pick it apart. Let me know in the comments what you’ve found.

Thank you for visiting and enjoy the content.

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