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For over 10 years Downpour Productions has carried out an array of client video projects. Whether contracting a single crew member for a shoot or desiging an entire project from the ground up, our mission is to serve the needs of the production first. Our ethos guides our business decisions and content creation:


Success in meeting the goals of the project is paramount. Elevating the project to acheive a specific goal in a specific manner is our business. Our post-production process ensures thorough quality assurance to make sure the end product is delivered in its best form. Industry-proven technology and procedures give all of our productions the big-league treatment.


We pride ourselves on the inclusive, approachable nature of our productions. We maintain a strong work ethic and focused mindset. We take the pressure off by forming clear expectations and realistic goals from the beginning of every project. Our projects are developed and executed using industry-standard tools and methods. Careful planning, resource management, and professional expertise enables Downpour Productions to hold every finished project to an exceptional standard.


Unique stylistic vision is the backbone of our industry. Every project requires an artistic eye, no matter the subject matter. Expert command of lighting, color, and sound to further a story is the Downpour Productions namesake. Whether it's a documentary, a product video, or a narrative film, we dig deep to discover and deliver the true soul of the project.

Karland Paez Karland Paez
Founder, Producer

In 2018, Karland produced his 100th video production, the horror short Dysphoria. His roots run deep in narrative storytelling, whether it's on the screen or on the written page. A child of the 90's but a disciple of 80's cinema, Karland's passion for storytelling comes primarily from a love for human emotion. An interest in psychology combined with the discipline instilled in him from the US Army keeps Karland in love with the delivery of powerful story. Karland maintains his archive of six feature-length screenplays and numerous shorts waiting to be produced. He is currently developing the feature films Dreamlight and Wildfire.

Riley Lister Riley Lister
Producer, Director

Riley was born in California, raised in Colorado. He moved out to the Pacific Northwest to go to school and pursue his passion of filmmaking. He grew up watching all types of films and hopes to create characters and stories that will help inspire the next generation of filmmakers, just as the filmmakers before him. He is currently in the works on a short and his own feature film.

Ēriks Vesmanis Ēriks Vesmanis
Visual Effects Supervisor, Director of Photography

Born in Latvia, Ēriks served in the US Army and brought his creative eye to Downpour Productions with the production of Aquatory. A creative in digital media with experience in retail advertising and motion graphics, Ēriks has worked with Microsoft and Amazon and was one of the early users of the RED cinema cameras. His work has been shown in Australia, Latvia, and in Microsoft stores in the United States. Ēriks owns and operates 8CTA Film and frequently collaborates with Downpour Productions.

Luke Kenney Luke Kenney
Sound Mixer

From a small mountain town in Colorado, Luke found his passion for audio production in high school working with the local radio. In 2010, he attended Mesa State College helping develop its first radio engineering program. From radio production and podcasting to stage engineering at Loudwire, Luke set his sights to Seattle where he attended film school and worked on over 35 shorts as an on location audio recorder and mixer since 2018. Visit his production company Ataraxis Productions.

Sophia Holm Sophia Holm
Makeup Artist

Sophia has studied special effects and beauty makeup and enjoys the on-set experience. Her passion for special effects makeup is superb. She brought her talents to Downpour Productions' Dysphoria and looks forward to future creature effects. Visit her makeup company Visage Artistry.

Julia Whitley Julia Whitley
Makeup Artist

Julia has trained in special effects, theater, and beauty makeup. She has worked on numerous horror films as well as multiple dramas. She was Key Makeup Artist on Downpour Production's Thanks For Existing.

Noah O'Connor Noah O'Connor

Noah's passion for music began when he "borrowed" his borther's guitar and computer to produce his first tracks. At the age of 15 he discovered soul and funk music, and a love of jazz. Noah's recording studio experience includes working in the last analog studio in Austraila. He runs his own music production business out of Seattle and recently released a new jazz album.

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